Discover Split

Discover Split, the most beautiful city in the world (how its citizens often flatter it), the city of Hajduk and St. Duje, the city of music and special temper, the city, although 1700 years old still lives its youth.

Diocletian's palace
Diocletian's palace is one of the most significant monuments from Roman empire outside of Rome and a real tresury of cultural and historical attractions in Split. Despite of numerous changes during history, this 1700 years old palace still fascinates numerous visitors with its constructural concept and the way it is still resists the revages of time after all these years. In fact, what makes the Diocletian's palace so special and unique in the world is the fact that it is actually a living monument, permanently inhabited since fall of Salona in 7th century up to this day.

Cathedral and belfry
Cathedral of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary, known among locals as cathedral of St. Duje is historically recognized as the oldest cathedral in the world. Its belfry became the symbol of the city of Split whose top offers an unforgettable view over the city, Marjan hill and nerby islands.

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