Did you know?

  • In small settlement Vranjic in Solin you can find the biggest sea aquarium in Croatia that allows its visitors to enjoy in unique experience of the amazing undersea world
  • The beginnings of present city of Split we owe to the citizens of ancient Salona. In order to escape from the attack of united Avars and Slavs, they settled and remained in Diocletian's palace that later became the center of city of Split
  • Solin City Day is celebrated on 8 September, the same day when citizens of Solin celebrate the feast of the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary
  • During his visit to Solin in 1998 St. John Paul II. sang with numerous believers the traditional Croatian Marian song Zdravo Djevo in Croatian language
  • Solin is by population parameters the youngest city in Croatia and is attributed to be a Family Friendly City
  • If you are looking for a place for an all-day picnic or barbicue party, you should definitely visit the wellspring of Jadro river. The whole area has been recently fixed up for that purpose and now disposes with all the necessary facilities for a fun day in nature
  • Although only 4,5 km long, river Jadro supplies with water all the cities in its surroundings (Solin, Split, Kaštel, Trogir – more than 300 000 people)
  • The most famous foodstuff in Solin's traditional dishes is the trout from river Jadro that can be prepared in many different ways.


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